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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Sveza started producing plywood with craft coating

Sveza started producing plywood with craft coating 27 July 2020 ` 17:50 Woodworking Sveza started producing craft-coated plywood popular in the USA. The new product called SVEZA Paint Kraft — plywood designed to be painted — will reduce the waste of surface preparation time by 70% and paint consumption, by …

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Screw-holding capacity of two furniture-grade plywoods

Ultimate screw withdrawal loads (USWLs) from panel face and edge of furniture-grade southern pine (Pinus spp.) and sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua L.) plywood were evaluated at five moisture contents (MCs). Both face and edge USWL decreased in general with increases in MC within the hygroscopic range. The effect of moisture on …

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What Does ACX Stand For ?ACX Plywood

ACX Plywood ACX Plywood products are classified as a high grade type of plywood, due to its strength and durability. ACX refers to the grade of wood and the quality of glue used to make the Plywood. What Does ACX Stand For? The letter “A” in ACX, refers to the …

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