3.6mm Packing Grade Plywood Inspection and QC test

3.6mm Packing Grade Plywood Inspection and QC test

It is used to make templates and mock ups, drawer bottoms and the insides of cabinet boxes where appearance is not important.     It can also be used for veneer core platforms for laying up fancy veneer faces on.

There are actually many species sold as Meranti, some examples are virola, luaun, amescalao and keruing.  It has become kind of a generic name for a decent utility hardwood plywood.

Inspectors or graders should check :

1.Plies of the core structure ,3 plies ,4 plies

2.Face wood species and grades

3.Back wood spcies and grades

4.Check if Plywood breaks easily.

5.Core veneer wood species

Most of the time ,this kind of thin plywood are only use one side ,so the back side is always mill option ,but also have special requirements by the buyers .


The inner   core structure of this thin plywood  is quite special, which can be divided into three layers and four layers, that is to say, it violates the rule of odd number of layers of plywood manufacturing . However, in order to set off the thickness or warping of the backside veneer, the thickness of the back side used is much thicker than that of the face veneer  .

Generally, the quality of plywood with four layers is better than that of plywood with three layers, but the price is also higher.

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