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4 standards of wood-based panel quality! Static bending strength, water absorption expansion rate, formaldehyde release, screw holding force.

4 standards of wood-based panel quality! Static bending strength, water absorption expansion rate, formaldehyde release, screw holding force.

For custom furniture, plate should be one of the most important parts. The quality of a plate can be defined from four attributes: static zone strength, water absorption expansion rate, formaldehyde release, and screw holding force. Why are these four attributes important? Next, I will explain in detail:


Static bending strength

What is static bending strength? In a word, the static bending strength is an important attribute that determines whether your cabinet will bend or even break in the future use.

The static bending strength of the board is related to the raw material. Generally speaking, the physical property conditions of the wood growing in the alpine forest region are more stable. If the tree age is too short, the static bending strength will be low, so the tree age is about 15-30 years. In addition, the production process can also have an important impact on the static bending strength of the plate. A reasonable process can make the plate structure stable and not easy to warp and deform.

Of course, in fact, in addition to the static bending strength, the laminate deformation of the cabinet is also related to the span of the laminate. In order to pursue the so-called effect, some consumers require the designer to make the span of the laminate of some cabinets especially large. No matter what the board is, it will be bent in the future.


Water absorption expansion rate

I believe you can also know from the literal meaning that this attribute means that your cabinet is “moisture-proof”.

However, we must correct one point here. No matter what type, brand and process of any plate, it is afraid of water!!!

There are two kinds of cabinets that are not afraid of blisters, one is brick / cement, and the other is the overall stainless steel cabinet!

Therefore, for the plate, moisture-proof is only to ensure that it will not swell and deform under the relatively large moisture content of the air in the kitchen (there may be a small amount of water in the sink cabinet), which will affect the stress balance of the table top and the nail holding force of the hinge. In addition to the water absorption expansion rate of the plate, all this is also related to the edge sealing process after the cutting of the plate.

I suggest you pay attention to two points when buying cabinets:

Whether the board used in the cabinet complies with the national water absorption expansion rate standard (less than 8%); Take a general look at the edge banding process of the brand sample cabinet of the cabinet you bought: observe whether the edge banding is flat, whether there is glue overflow, whether it falls off, etc.


Formaldehyde emission

All countries in the world have strict regulations on the amount of formaldehyde released from wood-based panels. “E0”, as a more strict grade mark for the amount of formaldehyde released from wood-based panels and their products, is not a complete foreign product, but has distinct Chinese characteristics.

At present, the so-called “grade E0” national standard is found in impregnated paper laminated wood flooring (GB / T 18102-2007), and the standard is formaldehyde content of 0.5mg/l, which is equivalent to f (0.5mg/l) in Japanese JAS star standard.

As for the environmental protection of various wood-based panels, there is nothing wrong with identifying well-known brands. Some brand boards that pay attention to environmental protection may even exceed the so-called E0. There is no need to worry about environmental protection when making things with these boards. If some brands use unknown plates, or even the sales staff are vague about the origin of the plates, please be careful to buy. Some of the news about formaldehyde poisoning you see generally comes from such small workshops without brands.


Screw gripping force

The screw holding force is that the screws are not easy to loosen, fall off and burst after being screwed into the plate.

For the cabinets we have installed in the house, the strength of the screw holding force means whether the hinges will loosen or even fall, whether the drawer screws will loosen and make abnormal noise, and whether the cabinet structure will be deformed during the use process of at least 10 or 20 years.

How can we judge the nail holding force of the plate when we buy customized furniture?

Quality inspection report is of course one of the important ways, but the most intuitive way is to ask the sales personnel of the brand if they can sit on it after the cabinet door is opened. Of course, don’t go up by yourself! Although this method is not rigorous, and the load-bearing capacity of the cabinet door drawer and the quality of the hinge drawer rail are also closely related, it is indeed the simplest and most direct way.

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