5.2mm Utility Lauan Plywood Inspections and QC test

5.2mm Utility Lauan Plywood Inspections and QC test


When inspecting the plywood of 5.2MM, besides some basic quality standards of plywood, for example, it can not be delaminated and no bubbles or blisters. Another important quality inspection point is not to break the plywood, because 5.2MM is a thin plywood, so the production process and the structure of the veneer core   are relatively high requirements, if the internal veneer core structure is dislocated, then there will be a great chance of breaking the plywood. If the veneer is overlaped, the surface of the plywood will be uneven, and the veneer joint will be overlapped severely. If the veneer splicing is not tight, then there will be serious seam separation core gaps, plywood is easy to break.

So when inspecting the plywood of 5.2MM, we should know clearly the production structure of the factory, such as Scarf joint  or BUTT JOINT or finger joint .

Scarf jointScarf joints are overlap joints where the angle (θ) between the axis of the adhesive layer and the axis of the adherends (of equal width and thickness) is greater than 0º (butt joint) and less than 90º, A scarf joint (also known as a scarph joint) is a method of joining two members end to end in plywood production ,The scarf joint is used when the material being joined is not available in the length required. It is an alternative to other joints such as the butt joint and the splice joint and is often favored over these in plywood production because it yields a barely visible glue line.

In the production of 5.2MM plywood, we should not only guarantee the basic quality requirements, but also pay attention to the problems that easily occur in the plywood itself.

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