A solemn statement about the recent theft of this website by unidentified persons!!!@@@###

A solemn statement about the recent theft of this website by unidentified persons

Recently, many foreign plywood importers and industry insiders have reported that the account named “plywood quality inspection” embezzled the registered email and team name of the company and engaged in commercial activities. The following statement is hereby made:

1. Our only website name is “plywood inspection” www.plywoodinspection.com ”, all the names of high imitation stations are forged; the only corporate email is info@plywoodinspection.com And plywoodinspection@gmail.com , all high-tech imitated enterprise email are forged.

2. We will release plywood and wood-based panel information as soon as possible. Please use plywoodinspection.com Website information shall prevail;

3. Any plywood trading under the team’s banner is a liar. If the team has a plywood sales plan in the later stage, it will be announced as soon as possible;

4. Our team has been registered many years ago, and the other party has involved infringement. We hope that the other party will make rectification and explanation within a certain period of time, otherwise we will reserve the possibility of using legal channels. For both plywood and wood-based panel circles, this is the result that we all do not want to see.

如无特殊说明,文章均为本站原创,转载请注明出处。If there are no special instructions, the articles are original, if you want to use or reproduce, please indicate the original source www.plywoodinspection.com,If you find that our articles infringe on your copyrights and interests, please email us at info@plywoodinspection.com in time and we will delete it at the first time.

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