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A thank-you letter to Alibaba cloud ECS after-sales engineers!

给阿里云云服务器ECS售后工程师们的一封感谢信 !

A thank-you letter to Alibaba cloud ECS after-sales engineers!

最近半年我的www.plywoodinspection.com网站总是莫名其妙的出现Error establishing a database connection 的技术问题。作为一个不懂网站数据库及建站搭建网站的外贸人员来讲,这是一个比登天还难的技术问题。

My www.plywoodinspection.Com website always has the technical problem of error establishing a database connection inexplicably. As a plywood inspector who does not understand the website database and website construction, this is a more difficult technical problem than climbing to the sky.


Thanks to the technical support and help provided to me by the Alibaba cloud ECS after-sales engineers during this period, I can find the online timely response and troubleshooting of the Alibaba cloud ECS online after-sales engineers 24 hours a day. If they can’t eliminate or handle the technical problems immediately, they will turn my work order into a work order message and then gradually eliminate and solve them.


I have used Alibaba cloud server ECS for more than 5 years. Thank you very much for your help and technical support!


Thanks to the after-sales engineers of Alibaba cloud ECS servers who have provided me with technical assistance recently. Although I don’t know their real names or even job numbers, I can’t find a perfect word to express my respect and gratitude to them.

尤其感谢服务编号为000CT5S2PT,000D05KK1S,000CA5NKFA,0008M53YMY,000213ZZYD ,还有其他工单服务编号的售后工程师。

Special thanks to the after-sales engineers with service numbers of 000CT5S2PT,000D05KK1S,000CA5NKFA,0008M53YMY,000213ZZYD and other work order service numbers in the past I can not list all of them here ,especially 000CT5S2PT.


Thank you! I think I will also become a loyal user and fan of Alibaba cloud server ESC because of your superb technology, perfect after-sales service and warm attitude.


thank you.

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