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A whole train of Russian timber arrived in Xuzhou today

A whole train of Russian timber arrived in Xuzhou today


At 11:02 on July 19, with the x75047 return train loaded with 112 TEUs of imported goods, it successfully arrived at Yangtun station, marking the official opening of Yangtun station, the return station of the China Europe train, which is also the second return station of the China Europe train in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, after Tongshan station.

“The whole train is loaded with timber imported from Russia. After arriving at Yangtun station, it is then transported to Xuzhou port through the special railway line along the DIHE River, and then distributed to ports and wharves across the country through water transportation lines, which not only helps to alleviate the busy operation pressure of Tongshan station, but also helps to increase the arrival volume of goods of import enterprises and reduce the logistics cost of short barges.” Peijianjun, deputy director of Tongshan Business Department of Xuzhou freight center, said. Before the opening of the return station of Yangtun station, after the return goods of the China Europe train arrive at the freight yard of Tongshan station, they need to be transported by car to Xuzhou port through water distribution, and then transported to cities along the line and Taicang, Xiamen, Huangpu and other places through the water route of the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal. Each train will increase the logistics cost of short lighters by tens of thousands of yuan and the time cost of 1-2 days for enterprises.

Xuzhou port’s shundihe operation area has 12 2000 ton loading berths and berths, as well as supporting railway dedicated lines and railway container freight stations connected to Yangtun station. It has unique geographical and multimodal transport advantages. In the past two years, the business volume of Xuzhou China Europe return trains has been growing. In the first half of this year alone, more than 4500 TEUs of containers were transported by car from Tongshan station to Xuzhou port. After the official opening of the Yangtun Station China Europe train return station, it will attract more goods of the return China Europe train transferred by “railway water combined transport”, further optimize the logistics channels of Huaihai international dry port, and enhance the logistics advantages of the regional economy opening to the outside world.

Xuzhou China Europe train has been running for the first time since the end of 2015. By the end of June this year, more than 1200 trains have been running in total. International train routes have been opened through Erenhot, Manzhouli, Horgos, Alataw pass and Suifenhe ports, reaching 19 countries and more than 50 cities along the line, such as Russia, Germany and the Netherlands.

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