About Plywoodinspection.com

About Plywoodinspection.com

Plywoodinspection.com agency is one of the best Private China consulting teams with core specialization in the timber industry analytics.

All specialists of our company have industry-specific education and have been working in this field since 2002; the agency was founded in 2011.

The mission of the project is to answer every day the questions and challenges of the forest industry community; keep China businessmen, officials and scientists informed about the global trends; make the China forest industry transparent to the global professional community; improve efficiency of the industry by spreading valuable ideas and best practice.

Within 16 years of timber market research we have provided services to 50 clients in 10 countries from Finland to Canada, from UK to Korea,from DUBAI UAE to Africa ,Thailand Cambodia to Vietnam: industrial companies, banks, investors, government agencies, scientific organizations, and individual entrepreneurs. We have unique contact and knowledge base, as well as deep understanding of the regional industry and market in Russia. We give presentations at major industry events and are cited by the main China business media.

We publish regular and custom studies on the timber industry. Some data from our products (small part of the news and price trends, some business ideas, global trends review, and shortened version of infographics) is published with free access at our website, Plywoodinspection.com .

Plywoodinspection.com editors  participate  in timber conferences with reports on the China forest industry and its export markets.

Our partners are the leading professional media, consulting agencies and exhibition arrangers.

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