Advantages and Disadvantages of Chinese Fir

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chinese Fir

Chinese fir normally used for the home decoration ,fir blockboard .

At present, the sale of bedplate materials on the market can be described as dazzling and varied. Among them, the best ones are real wood, Chinese toon and Chinese fir. Chinese fir is also called Chinese fir because it has a natural fragrance of wood. Generally speaking, Chinese fir can be divided into two kinds: stuck-up and non-stuck. Obviously, the price of non-stuck Chinese fir must be relatively high.

Advantages of Cunninghamia lanceolata:

1. Compared with hard wood, Chinese fir wood is light and soft, easy to dry, shrinkage is small, and not easy to warp and deform. Cork is easy to process and good gluing. It is a favorite raw material for wood processors.

2. The natural aroma of Chinese fir is not only good smell but also simple. The volatile aroma factors of Chinese fir in the air contain taxol. Taxol can kill bacteria in the air and inhibit fungal skin inflammation.

3. The natural stripes of Chinese fir are full and solid, quiet and gentle, scattered and delicate, showing the beauty of nature. Especially the family decoration style of North America or pastoral style is especially suitable.

4. Cunninghamia lanceolata is naturally harmonious, balanced and beautiful. It can set off a warm and harmonious family atmosphere, which is more conducive to the physical and mental health of family members and the promotion of couples’feelings.

5. Cunninghamia lanceolata itself has medicinal value, which can refresh the brain and alleviate fatigue.

6. Chinese fir is tough and light in texture, economical and practical.

7. Cunninghamia lanceolata has low oil content and is environmentally friendly and practical.

Cunninghamia lanceolata furniture has many advantages, of course, there are two sides, there are advantages and disadvantages, of course, compared to other wood, the shortcomings of Cunninghamia lanceolata is relatively few, let’s talk about the shortcomings of Cunninghamia lanceolata.

Disadvantages of Chinese fir:

1. Although Chinese fir is not easy to deform, it will be very fragile under high temperature, not only impacting, but also easy to deform.

2. The Chinese fir wood is soft, and the daily cleaning and maintenance are not good, which will cause the cracks that are difficult to repair.

3. The daily maintenance and cleaning of Chinese fir is very complicated.

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