Advantages and disadvantages of ecological board!

Advantages and disadvantages of ecological board!

In modern decoration and decoration, wood boards are often used, and the quality of wood boards directly determines the service life of the houses we decorate. Many people have reacted, furniture in use after a few years began to be weak, some long worms, some rotten, cabinet doors broken, most of these are due to the lack of good wood materials chosen when decorating. Eco-panels are beginning to attract many people’s attention.

In the current plate market, there are various kinds of plates, and ecological board is one of them. In fact, the eco-board is the melamine board we used to be familiar with. Eco-panels are commonly used in making furniture and decorating houses. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of eco-board?

Advantages of Eco-board:

1. The utilization rate of eco-wood is high. The price of sheet metal is determined by the shape and size required in material processing. Eco-board can make use of small timber, and eco-board can make good use of inferior timber. Eco-board can greatly improve the utilization rate of timber.

2. High utilization rate of eco-board materials. The eco-board material removes wood defects such as knots, decay of eco-board before gluing, and eco-board can produce materials with less defects. The raw materials are fully dried. Even if the ecological board has large section and long size, the moisture content of each part of the ecological board is uniform. Compared with the real wood, the cracking deformation of the ecological board is smaller.

3. Ecological board has good performance. Eco-board is superior to solid wood in terms of uniform quality and mechanical properties of materials such as compression and tension. Eco-board can also improve its strength performance according to the strength of laminates. Experiments show that the strength performance of eco-board is twice as good as that of solid wood.

4. The processability of eco-board is good. Ecological panels can be made into straight and bending shapes on demand, and ecological panels can be made into gradient cross-section along length direction according to strength requirements. They can also be made into hollow square and I-shaped composite materials with equal cross-section.

5. The ecological board has the functions of flame retardant and anti-corrosion. Before gluing, the board can be pre-treated with medicines. Even if the board is long and large, there are enough medicines in it, which can make the board have good insect-proof, fire-proof and corrosion-proof properties.

6. The ecology is flat and beautiful. Eco-panels can be divided into indoor and outdoor materials according to the use environment. According to the shape of the product, it can be divided into three kinds of laminates: ecological plate, plate and bending. Eco-panels are divided into structural and non-structural eco-panels.

The shortcomings of the eco-board are as follows:

1. Eco-board furniture is not as high-grade as solid wood furniture, mostly used to make wardrobes.

2. There are many kinds of products, so it is difficult for buyers to distinguish the quality from the surface. If you choose cheap inferior eco-board to make furniture, and the decorative paper of inferior eco-board is generally of poor quality, it is easy to collapse after sawing when making furniture, so it is not suitable for the finished furniture produced in batches by furniture factories.

3. The price is high, and the cost of new material manufacturing process furniture is high. Compared with particleboard and density board, the price of eco-board is higher in making furniture.

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