Advantages and disadvantages of making furniture with pine veneer

Advantages and disadvantages of making furniture with pine veneer

The advantages of making furniture with pine veneer are as follows:

1: natural color, keeping the natural color of pine, clear and beautiful texture

2: simple and generous modeling, full and smooth lines, showing good texture

3: strong practicability and durability

4: it has strong elasticity and air permeability, good thermal conductivity and simple maintenance. It is the coniferous forest species of pine.

However, pine furniture has several disadvantages:

Disadvantages 1: pine wood is soft, easy to crack and deform, high moisture content is also easy to cause cracking.

Disadvantage 2: pine furniture pays attention to pure natural color, which needs to be well maintained, otherwise it is easy to change color, especially sunshine, which should be strictly prevented.

Disadvantages 3: the general pine furniture products are painted many times, with thick paint film on the surface. Although some defects are covered, the core value of pursuing nature is lost, and the paint is easy to change color after a long time. Therefore, when you customize pine furniture, you can make high requirements for the treatment of paint.

Now most families will lay glass or crystal board on the table top and countertop in the use process, which can well avoid the damage of pine furniture.

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