Advantages and disadvantages of molded door panel

Advantages and disadvantages of molded door panel


1. The most outstanding advantage of the molded door panel is rich in color and texture. The molded door can be customized according to personal preferences, which is very user-friendly.

2. We believe that the price of the molded door is also a concern. The price of molded door is relatively affordable, because it is mechanized production, so the cost is low, and it is favored by more and more middle-income families. The molded door also has the advantages of moisture-proof, small expansion coefficient, deformation resistance, etc. after a long period of use, there will be no cracking, discoloration and other phenomena.


1. The molded door is made by pressing two pieces of high-density fiberboard, so the formaldehyde content in the board is relatively high, especially the poor molded board. Therefore, when choosing the molding door, we must carefully observe and try to choose the standard molding door.

2. The molded door panel is light in quality. Although it looks better in appearance, it does not feel like a hand, and its grade is also low. There is also a fatal disadvantage of the molded door is that the door is hollow. Compared with the solid wood door, the sound insulation effect of the door is poor, and it can not touch water and bump, otherwise it will affect the service life of the door.

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