Advantages of Wood-based Panel Furniture and Materials of Wood-based Panel Furniture

Advantages of Wood-based Panel Furniture and Materials of Wood-based Panel Furniture

Answer 1: Wood-based panel furniture

Wood-based panel furniture refers to the furniture made of medium density fiberboard or particleboard by surface veneering and other processes.

Wood-based panel furniture is a kind of disassembly and assembly furniture with wood-based panel as its main base material and panel as its basic structure. All the furniture is made up of artificial panel and hardware connected by surface decoration.

Second Answer: Advantages of Wood-based Panel Furniture

1. Make full use of timber, the price is moderate. Wood-based panel furniture is mainly manufactured by the surface veneering technology of Hexiangmu or particleboard and moderate density fiberboard, so its raw materials and processing costs are not low, and the furniture price is relatively moderate, which can meet the consumption requirements of various consumer classes, and also improve the utilization rate of wood.

2. Solid shape, not easy to deform. Compared with real wood furniture, wood-based panel furniture is different from its physical structure, its wood moisture content is strictly controlled, so it is not easy to be affected by temperature and air humidity and deformation, the stability of its shape has been improved, and the furniture that is not easy to deformation will certainly be welcomed by the public.

3. Various colors and novel styles. Wood-based panel furniture can design a lot of shapes through decoration, and its color can also be arbitrary, in line with the individual pursuit of young people. This characteristic meets the aesthetic needs of more people, and is also the main reason for popularity.

Wood-based panel furniture materials

1. Particleboard.

It is a kind of wood-based panel which crushes the wood processing residues and sawdust into granules, then dries, mixes with rubber, hardener and waterproof agent, and presses them at a certain temperature. Because its profile is similar to honeycomb shape, it is called particleboard. Advantages: Interior particles with cross and scattered structure have good nail holding force, good lateral bearing capacity, and lower cost than MDB. Although the formaldehyde content is higher than MDB, the price is relatively cheap.

Disadvantages: The method is easy to control, the quality varies greatly, it is difficult to distinguish, the flexural and tensile properties are poor, the density is loose and easy to loosen.

2. MDF.

This kind of wood-based panel is made of wood or other vegetable fibers as raw materials, and is formed by applying uroformaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesives under high temperature and pressure. It has a high density, so it is called density board. MDF with density of 0.5-0.88g/cm3 was prepared. The density below 0.5 is generally called fiberboard, and the density above 0.88 is called high-density board.

Advantages: good physical properties, uniform material, mechanical properties close to wood, there is no dehydration problem, so it will not be damp deformation. Some surface decoration with trihydroammonia, with moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, do not need post-treatment, low formaldehyde content.

Disadvantages: high processing accuracy and process requirements (due to high density, must be cut with a confidential saw); poor nail grip; unsuitable for on-site processing in decoration; high cost according to the import of veneer and domestic and thickness differences, the price of each sheet varies from 10usd to 30 usd.

3. Blockboard.

It is made of two pieces of veneer jointed by glue pressing in the middle. The total thickness of adhesively bonded veneers on both sides of blockboard shall not be less than 3 mm. The width and length of corner defect of all kinds of blockboard shall not exceed 5 mm and 20 mm within the nominal width. Intermediate boards are made of high-quality natural boards which are heat treated (i.e. drying room) and then processed into certain specifications of strips, which are joined together by a splitting machine. The spliced boards are covered with two layers of high quality veneers on both sides, and then glued by cold and hot press to make solid veneer.

Advantages: Blockboard has good screw holding force, high strength, strong quality, sound absorption, insulation and other characteristics, Blockboard moisture content is not high, between 10% and 13%, processing is simple, used for furniture, doors and windows, doors and windows, partitions, fake walls, heating hood, curtain boxes, etc., the most widely used, because the interior is solid wood, so the requirements for processing equipment is not high, convenient for on-site construction.

Disadvantages: Environmental protection standards are generally low, there is no nail holding force, long-term stress will lead to obvious transverse deformation of the board, the solid wood inside the blockboard is different in material, density and size, only after simple drying treatment, easy to warp deformation; structure distortion, deformation, affect the appearance and use of the effect of blockboard surface is rough, so woodworking on-site processing, in the right. Surface treatment usually uses a lot of glue or paint, so the furniture made of this board is extremely unprotected, which is also the main reason why the decoration is very exciting. This kind of furniture made on site is the culprit of carcinogenesis and gene mutation, and it is very harmful to human body.

4. Plywood.

Plywood is a kind of three or more layers of laminated material, which is made up of wood segments cut into veneers or planned into thin wood, then bonded with adhesives. Odd layers of veneers are usually used, and the fibers of adjacent layers of veneers are bonded vertically to each other.

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