Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of natural veneer vs technological veneer

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of natural veneer vs technological veneer

Many people don’t know the difference between natural wood veneer and technological wood veneer, so today, Xiaobian will talk about the differences between natural wood veneer and technological wood veneer and their advantages and disadvantages, which may help you after reading.

Natural veneer vs technological veneer


Natural wood veneer, as the name implies, is a kind of wood veneer with a thickness of about 0.5mm, which is widely used in furniture, luxury cars, airplanes, yachts, floors, musical instruments and other fields.

Science and technology veneer is a new kind of all wood decorative material, which is made of fast-growing wood and made of bionics principle.

In short, technological veneer is to use fast-growing wood imitation to create a variety of natural veneers, including texture and color, which is a “cloning technology” in the world of veneer. Therefore, for some rare and precious wood that is in danger of extinction or under control, many businesses will imitate their texture and color with technological veneer to meet people’s love and demand for rare and precious wood.


1. Difference of process

We can see the obvious difference between the two production processes.

The natural veneer is completely sliced from logs, without any artificial modification, and retains the natural texture and texture.

On the contrary, the technological veneer needs to go through a series of bleaching, coloring, texture reconstruction and other processes.

Although both of them are produced by using logs, the logs of science and technology veneer are imitated from other natural veneers by using tree varieties with fast growth, early timber production and short rotation period, with low cost. The cost of natural veneer is higher than that of natural veneer.

2. Difference of presentation effect

The effects of the two have their own advantages.

① technology veneer can fill wood defects

Natural veneer has some defects, such as mineral line, dead knot, loose knot, wormhole, white edge, etc., which are unique characteristics of natural veneer.

Some people don’t like these defects, so they can choose the technology veneer, because the technology veneer can complete the transformation of the original wood defects, the surface is smooth, and what effect is needed.

② natural wood skin has more natural texture

But in fact, that natural defect is the unique texture and nature of wood. Some wood lovers prefer the defect of natural wood skin. Even some businesses, in order to pursue the natural nature of wood, deliberately make some defects in the technological veneer to make them look closer to the natural veneer.

The natural wood skin has the natural beauty and strong texture of wood. Its natural texture can bring people more artistic enjoyment of returning to nature, which is unmatched by the technology of wooden skin.

Although with the technology of wood veneer becoming more and more skilled, it can produce a variety of rare and valuable wood varieties, but it can still see the traces of man-made on the texture. Compared with the natural wood veneer, it is more rigid, the texture is also relatively poor, and it is easy to distinguish with the naked eye.

3. Grade difference

① replicability and non replicability

There are no identical leaves and no identical wood in the world. The texture of natural wood skin is unique, special and irregular, which can not be copied.

Rare things are precious. Natural wood skin is also precious because of its uniqueness.

However, the texture of the technological veneer is based on the artificial modification, and the texture can be copied into exactly the same, lacking the nature. But on the other hand, the texture uniformity of technological veneer will be better.

② natural wood skin is the first choice for high-grade places

The grade of natural wood leather is high, five-star hotels, luxury villas, high-grade car interiors all prefer natural wood leather. Accordingly, the price of natural veneer is higher.

The technical veneer is imitated from the natural veneer, so the texture and grade are poor, and the price is more popular. For the same variety, the price of the technical veneer is lower than that of the natural veneer. But compared with melamine paper, the technical wood skin is better.

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