Analysis on the production mode of plywood in the world: the greatness of Linyi mode

Analysis on the production mode of plywood in the world: the greatness of Linyi mode

Linyi City, Shandong Province is located at the junction of Shandong and Jiangsu provinces. It is a buried hill secondary forest area. There is no raw material resources for the development of wood-based panel industry. The wood-based panel resources in the early stage of Linyi were mainly composed of forest protection and renewal cutting, tree planting and tending cutting in front of the court, intermediate cutting of contracted forest land in buried hill area, secondary forest, fast-growing forest and clear cutting of industrial timber forest. At present, Shandong Province is deeply promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, including wood industry. Linyi seizes the opportunity to promote the development of innovative model of wood-based panel industry. As the largest cluster hub in northern China, its developed logistics industry has constructed the current Linyi wood-based panel raw material purchase and plywood product export industrial chain, giving birth to the rapid development of Linyi wood-based panel industry cluster economy. At present, Linyi has become the largest wood-based panel production base in China, the world wood-based panel production center and the holy land of plywood industry.

The main characteristics of Linyi plywood production mode are: the non card shaft rotary cutting machine is used as the main equipment of the material preparation section, and the surface plate, core plate and veneer are the works of the non card shaft rotary cutting machine. When the thickness of the surface plate is uneven, it can be aligned by the sanding machine. The transverse strength of the core plate does not need to be considered. When there are no defects on the surface, it is a plate. Veneer drying mainly depends on the sun. Small format products are produced when the raw materials are broken, do not form sheets and it is difficult to splice. Then, through Linyi’s localized core plate horizontal splicing machine, add the longitudinal toothing machine invented by Changxing machinery, and the process mode of core plate splicing, rolling, releasing and laying line. This production mode constitutes the main body of Linyi mode. Low price and high requirements are the greatest competitiveness of Linyi mode, and non-standard specifications are the key products of Linyi mode, Linyi wood-based panel machinery industry has created the brilliance of Linyi model. Linyi model is the embodiment of China’s socialist market economy. The competition between Linyi model, diefenbach model and Laut model is the competition between socialist market economy and European and American core values. The success of Linyi reflects the success of the Chinese model in the world. Therefore, Linyi model is the most successful model of wood-based panel in the world in the 21st century.

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