Anti fILM FACED PLYWOOD also called wiremesh film faced plywood ,Anti-Slippery Film Faced  Plywood ,also have other jargon names ,but all mean the surface is antislippery ,used for different applications .This plywood can stand up to extreme wear and tear: through ways, stands, scenery, scaffolding, construction, land transport decking and generally, where an high resistant anti-slippery surface is faced plywood overlaid by a phenol film (120 or 240  gr/m²). The anti-slip is produced with a special anti-slip surface.Application: dry-, humid- and exterior conditions.

Film faced plywood is available with a smooth glass like finish on both faces or with a mesh pattern imprinted on the face to improve anti slip properties.

Most of the antislip film faced plywood are one side antislip ,one side is smooth ,also both sides have wiremesh antislip ,denpends on the final applications .

Anti-slip film faced plywood has nothing relationship with the film ,just decided by the hot pressing plates , the hot pressing plates types decide the types of anti-slip model  Hexagonal  ,Square,diamond ,Wire Mesh , Hexagonal Wire Mesh ,Square Hole Mesh , Electric Welded Mesh , Diamond Mesh….



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