Anti-slip film faced plywood production process

Anti-slip film faced plywood need top 2 layers film and bottom 2 layers film if required ,so the key difference is the hot pressing plates and film types (normally must use phenolic film ) and the quantity of the film (normally 2 layers top to avoid quality problems ).

Anti Slip Plywood is also known as Wire Mesh Film Faced Plywood. It is produced with a special Anti-Slip surface on one side and a phenolic film on the reverse side for moisture protection in wet or moist areas in exterior use. The wear side has a rough wire mesh pattern and the reverse side is smooth film or raw plywood as needed. The edges of plywood are sealed with acrylic paint to prevent water penetration. The wire mesh surface has high wear resistance and Anti-Slip properties.

The antislip face is produced with a heavier weight of phenolic film or multi layer special film pressed with a patterned platen (MESH, HEXA or TRANS) to …. manufacturer of Plywood products with manufacturing processes and procedures.

During the plywood coating process a slip resistant crown pattern is hot pressed onto the film surface.

The raised slip resistant pattern maintains its anti-slip properties under a wide range of climatic conditions, and therefore  slip resistant plywood is an ideal material for antislip applications.

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