Application of Flame Retardant Medium Density board and Common Problems of Flame Retardant Density board

Application of Flame Retardant Medium Density board and Common Problems of Flame Retardant Density board

Flame retardant density boards have good physical and mechanical properties and processing properties. They can be made into boards of different thickness. Therefore, they are widely used in furniture manufacturing, construction, interior decoration, shipbuilding and automobile lamp industries. Flammable MDF is a homogeneous porous material with good acoustic properties. It is a good material for making speakers, TV shells and musical instruments. In addition, it can also be used for ships, vehicles, sports equipment, floors, wallboards, partitions, etc. instead of natural wood. It has the characteristics of low cost, simple processing, high utilization rate and more economical than natural wood.


Use of Flame Retardant Density boards:


Flame-retardant density board is a kind of artificial board made from thinning timber, small diameter timber, fast-growing timber and bamboo and other plant materials with Limited timber resources. The comprehensive utilization rate of wood is high, which conforms to China’s forestry development policy and is conducive to the implementation of China’s forestry sustainable development strategy. Its main characteristics and performances are as follows:

  1. Uniform internal structure, moderate density, good dimensional stability and small deformation.


  1. The physical and mechanical properties such as static bending strength, internal bonding strength, elastic modulus, screw holding force on the surface and edge of the board are superior to those of particleboard.


  1. The surface is smooth and smooth, which is convenient for secondary processing. It can paste veneer, planing thin wood, paint paper and impregnated paper, and also can be directly used for painting and printing decoration.


  1. Flame retardant density boardhas a large width, and the thickness of the boardcan also be changed in the range of 2.0-35 mm. It can be produced according to different uses.


  1. Good machinability. Sawing, drilling, tenoning, milling, sanding and other processing properties are similar to wood, and some are even better than wood.


  1. Furniture parts which are easy to carve and milling into various shapes and shapes. The special-shaped edges can be painted directly without sealing edges.


  1. Chemical agents such as waterproof agent, fire retardant agent and preservative can be added to the production process of refractory density board to produce flame retardant medium density fiberboard for special use.


Common problems of flame retardant density board:


The production technology of flame retardant density board is high. It is a modern industry with intensive capital and technology. The automation degree of production line is high. It is also one of the better products in wood-based panel products. The qualified rate of products is high. However, there are still some problems. The quality problems generally reflected are as follows:


  1. The rough surface and poor uniformity of the sheet affect the re-processing of the sheet.


  1. The surface contamination of sheet metal is serious, such as plaque, oil contamination and so on, which affects the re-processing of sheet metal.


  1. The thickness deviation of sheet metal is large.


  1. The bark content of the board is higher.


  1. The water resistance of sheet metal can not meet the needs of some application fields.


  1. The middle layer of the sheet is soft, the screw holding force is weak, and the internal bonding strength is low. At the same time, the edge of the sheet is rough.


  1. Formaldehyde emissions exceed the standard, affecting human health.


These problems are not only the problems existing in the production of traditional flame retardant density boards in China, but also the gap between China and foreign advanced level in the past decade. Especially when the formaldehyde emission of non-flammable density board is not up to standard, the furniture manufactured by it or used as interior decoration material will become the source of indoor pollution, affecting human health. In addition, the uniformity, smoothness, structure, thickness deviation and water resistance of the flammable density board in China are different from those of foreign products. The main reasons are: inadequate equipment accuracy, production line automation, technology level, management level and quality control and other aspects of the gap with foreign products, which requires China’s medium density industry to constantly improve technology level, management level, standard level, catch up with and surpass the advanced level of World.

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