Asia’s largest continuous press OSB production line settled in China

Asia’s largest continuous press OSB production line settled in China

On November 23, 2019, the signing ceremony of the 600000 m3 / a OSB project of Shouguang Luli Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was held at the headquarters of Luli group. Major equipment suppliers such as diefenbach of Germany, Keaton of Canada, pal of Italy, Anton of Germany and Stanley of Switzerland signed contracts with Luri wood industry respectively. The successful signing of the new project marks the birth of the continuous press production line with the largest single line capacity in Asia in China.

Luli OSB board project is a technical upgrade based on the market success of Luli’s first decorative OSB production line. The new production line is dominated by innovative products such as decorative OSB and refined shaving OSB, further enriching the types of wood-based panel products under Luli wood industry. The design annual capacity of the new production line is 600000 m3, and it also has the production of OSB, decorative OSB and special-purpose OSB plates.

Germany diefenbach company will carry out overall planning and process design for the new OSB project of Luli wood industry. Meanwhile, diefenbach company has provided the production line with OSB particle preparation equipment and long wood planer in two sections, two SPE single channel dryers, DPF sizing measurement system, 8 high-precision paver for paver head, and the new generation CPS + continuous press is used for the continuous press, and the main body of the press is long Up to 65 meters and 8.5 feet wide, it has refreshed the single line record of Asian continuous press production line.

At the same time, diefenbach also provides integrated control of imported equipment and electrical automation of domestic equipment, which will greatly improve the intelligent control level of the production line. German industrial 4.0 technology will be perfectly presented in this production line.

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