Assessment criteria for plywood suppliers

Assessment criteria for plywood suppliers

As a plywood buyer, I often deal with plywood suppliers. Based on the previous experience in the management of plywood suppliers, I summarize some views and assessment criteria. Now I’d like to talk about my views on plywood suppliers from the following points: price, quality, delivery time and service level, cooperation degree. The score shall be calculated in the form of percentage system. As for the distribution, it can be determined according to the company’s plywood supplier management assessment form according to the specific situation.

These evaluation indicators can be divided into “qualitative” and “quantitative”. Quantitative means that accurate results can be obtained according to specific formulas or algorithms, while qualitative evaluation needs to be determined manually.


The price is the most direct and obvious standard of the plywood supplier. I think the price level of plywood suppliers can be compared with the average price and the lowest price of products of the same grade in the market. They are expressed by the ratio of market average price and market minimum price respectively (for example, the same product of plywood supplier a and plywood supplier B are analyzed according to the formula).

Average price ratio = (supply price of plywood supplier – market average price) / market average price * 100%

Lowest price ratio = (supply price of plywood supplier – lowest market price) / lowest market price * 100%


Quality is the most important factor of plywood supplier evaluation. In the beginning of a period of time, mainly strengthen the inspection of product quality. The quality can be described by quality qualification rate, average qualified rate, batch return rate and inspection free rate of incoming materials.

Quality qualification rate

We can inspect n pieces of spare parts during delivery, and if M parts are qualified, the quality qualification rate is as follows:

Quality qualification rate = m / N * 100%

(the qualified rate of XXX company can be listed below)

date of delivery

Delivery time is also a very important assessment index. The delivery time is mainly to investigate the on time delivery rate of plywood suppliers

On time delivery rate

On time delivery rate = on time delivery times / total delivery times * 100%

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