Association of Graded Wood Panels & Specialty Wood Products Manufacturers

If you are only contemplating to buy MDF,PLYWOOD,OSB and other wood based panels from China or already doing it, please contact us – Association of Graded Wood Panels & Specialty Wood Products Manufacturers .

Save your money and time as you will no longer need to travel thousands of kilometers to inspect new plywood mills or check the plywood quality of existing ones.

Our organization is young though consists of experienced professionals working in the wood based panels Industry for several decades each, has the goal of establishing uniform rules for grading, measuring, scaling, stamp marking and inspecting softwood and hardwood wood based panels, specialized wood products with benefits for both producers and consumers.

With this the Association of Graded wood based panels and Specialty Wood Products consists of confirmed manufacturers only.

In a case of a claim the Association upon request of producer and consumer may take part in its resolving.

Manufacturers of grading, marking equipment, scanners, wood based panels and woodworking equipment we are looking for your support – become visible on our web site

Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. Criticism is greatly appreciated.

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