Assured veneer Core Performance

Core veneers originate with small
independent suppliers where they
undergo initial quality inspections.

Veneers are conditioned by machine
dryers to produce a core with a consistent
moisture content (MC) ideal for lay-up,
avoiding potential warp and instability
within the platform.

Core veneers then undergo a second
more rigorous inspection for moisture
content (MC) and thickness to ensure
consistent sound cores.

Precision finger joints or scarf joints ensure
sound stable cores. Scarf jointing the outer
most long-grain and machine composed
outer crossbands reduces core overlaps,
core voids and putty that may be visible
on the finished panel as core shadow or
telegraphing of imperfections. Imperfect
cores are rejected for  Ply.

Composed core veneers are pressed in a
multi-opening press using environmentally
responsible and approved adhesives.

After pressing, cores are calibrated using
a double head calibrating sander and
are inspected again to ensure that they
meet Ply’s industry leading
tolerances of +/- 0.3mm.

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