Australia Plywood grades and inspection system

 Australia Plywood Formply Range

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F14,F17,F22,F27 Plywood grading rules and QC checklist

Stress Grade Sheet Size Thicknesses (mm)  Bond type Construction
F27 1800 & 2400×1200 12, 17, 19, 25 A Total hardwood
F22 1800 & 2400×1200 12, 17, 19, 25 A Pine and hardwood mix
F17 1800 & 2400×1200 17 A All pine or pine & hardwood
F17 1800 & 2400×1200 17, 19 B Pine core, hardwood faces
F14 1800 & 2400×1200 12, 17, 19, 25 A Pine core, hardwood faces
Stress Grades F14, F17, F22, F27
Standard AS/NZS 6669
Timber Species Mixed Hardwood, Radiata Pine, 0.9mm Hardwood face and back
Moisture Content As per AS/NZS 2269 (not less than 8% or more than 15%)
Tolerance As per AS/NZS 2369-2008
Adhesives Phenol formaldehyde (AS/NZS 2754.1) -Type A.
Melamine fortified urea formaldehyde (AS/NZS 2754-1) – Type B
Bonds F22 and F27 – Type B (AS/NZS 2098.2)
F17 – Type A or B
F14 – Type A
Formaldehyde Emission E0
Off-form Finish Suitable for Class 2 and Class 3
Certification EWPAA. Chain of Custody AS4707

Features and Benefits

Armourform F27

  • Total Hardwood Green Edge formply with a high density phenolic overlay
  • Premium quality formply, manufactured and designed for fixed formwork applications
  • Superior spanning capabilities ideal for tableforms, jumpforms, slipforms, shutters, heavy civil engineering and mining applications

Armourform F22

  • Green Edge Red Stripe formply constructed with a mixture of hardwood / pine veneers and has a high-density phenolic overlay
  • Cost effective formply with a high strength to weight ratio
  • Offers great versatility as it can be used in all applications from conventional to system formwork

Armourform F17

  • Green Edge Yellow Stripe formply constructed with mixed species veneers with a hardwood face and phenolic overlay
  • Highly durable and ideal for general formwork use such as decks, recast and tilt up panel construction

Armourform F14

  • Constructed from pine veneers with hardwood face and phenolic overlay
  • Cost effective formply for general use, but without the strength or re-usability of the higher stress graded products in our range

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