BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD Applications and USes


Birch plywood is made up of multiple, cross-bonded 1.4 mm thick birch veneers that are bonded together under extreme pressure. Surfaces are sanded on both sides and then spray painted using our eco-friendly, water based sealer for a smooth, satin finish. 

Birch plywood characteristics make it the best quality solution for our hand crafted products. 
Characteristics include:

• Favourable weight to strength ratio.
• Highly durable, strong and long lasting product. 
• Precise and consistent surface and edge finish.
• Improved Anti-Slip properties due to high quality varnish.
• High quality technical manufacture and compression make the shelves strong and can hold up to 18kg’s.
• Lighter in complexion for a clean, natural looking environment.
• Premium surfaces are lightly sanded twice and sealed with two coats for a very smooth finish and easy cleaning.
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