Bamboo plywood

Bamboo is not a wood, but a type of grass. There are approximately 1300 different kinds of bamboo of which 300 species have properties similar to wood (in terms of hardness, elasticity, shrink-swell, etc.). About 100 species are commercially exploited. The larger bamboo species are among the fastest growing plants/trees on Earth. This bamboo grows in 2 to 4 months to its full length.

Bamboo sheets are adhesives used with very low emissions. As a result, bamboo sheets meet the strictest standards. In Europe, this is the E1 standard.
Adhesive: D3 water resistant

20,0 30,0 40,0 mm

2440 x 1220 mm


The bamboo strips are pressed horizontally next to each other and glued under high pressure. The result is a sheet with the characteristic bamboo nodes.
An alternative to the horizontal pressing is to press the bamboo strips sideways. This creates a finer line pattern, where the bamboo knots are slightly less visible.
Caramel and off white

Taric code:

Approx. 725 kg/m3

Stair steps, kitchen tops, furniture

Bamboo plywood has phenomenal strength, makes beautiful furniture and cabinets and is an ideal building material in the form of bamboo sheets or bamboo panels. Bamboo is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. It may replace popular hardwoods as a building material of choice. It is 30% harder than oak and 17% harder than maple and resistant to molds, termites and warping. Bamboo plywood comes in several forms and is designated, according to the production method, as vertical or horizontal grain. Natural bamboo plywoods are light in color and are sometimes called “blonde”. Carbonized bamboo plywood receives a steam treatment that gives it a warmer color and is sometimes referred to as “amber” or “carmelized”.

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