Base paper

Base paper

Base paper, also known as processed base paper, is used for further processing to make various kinds of paper. The properties, quality and specifications of base paper vary with the processing requirements.

Paper that needs to be processed is base paper. For example, the composite paper used for printing can be called the base paper for printing, while the white paper for composite paper can be called the base paper for composite paper.

Also known as processing base paper. It can be used for further processing to produce various kinds of processing paper. The quality varies with the processing requirements. For example, the base paper of printing coated paper should be compact, white and meticulous, uniform in thickness, and have good coating strength. Steel paper base paper requires soft structure, good absorption and no foaming and stratification of the finished product. Writing wax paper base paper requires flexible paper and slender fibers, so that it is not easy to break when using iron pen to engrave.

Corrugated core paper, corrugated base paper,

Felt base paper,

Photographic base paper,

Processing paper base paper

Sulphur impregnated base paper,

Impregnated base paper,

For commercial purposes, thermal base paper is a large roll of coated thermal paper, which has the ability to color when exposed to heat (over 60 degrees). After deep processing, it can be cut into fax paper, cash register paper, telephone bill, etc. For thermal paper coating plant, thermal base paper is used to coat thermal paint paper, which is produced by paper mill and does not have the function of color. Only after coating can it become a large roll of thermosensitive paper with chromogenic function.

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