Basic knowledge of profiled plywood

Basic knowledge of profiled plywood

The pre-production process of special-shaped plywood is similar to that of ordinary plywood. It is also made of three or more layers of plywood material, which is made up of wood sections cut into veneers by rotary cutting or thin wood planing and then bonded with adhesives, so that the fibre directions of adjacent veneers can be glued together. Unlike ordinary plywood, special-shaped plywood will be shaped by bending or other moulding with different abrasives in the process of forming.

Special-shaped plywood is one of the common furniture materials, and it is a kind of wood-based panel. A group of veneers are usually bonded vertically to each other in the direction of the adjacent wood grain. Usually, the surface and inner veneers are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the central layer or the core. Slab made of glued veneer interlaced vertically and horizontally in the direction of wood grain is pressed under heating or non-heating conditions.

The number of layers is usually odd, and a few even. The difference of physical and mechanical properties between vertical and horizontal directions is small. Commonly used are three plywood, five plywood, etc.

Profiled plywood can improve wood utilization rate, which is a main way to save wood. Different from different plywood, the use of special-shaped plywood generally lies in furniture production and interior decoration. It is different from LVL used for airplanes, ships, trains, automobiles, buildings and packing boxes.

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