Birch Plywood Grades – ‘commercial availability’

Grade B/BB
Generally, the best grade available for clear finishing.
Good clean appearance, only minor, natural features,
i.e. small pin knots permitted on the ‘B’ Face.
‘B’ grade is normally only available with ‘BB’ Grade
reverse. (See grading information below for BB).
Grades S/BB & S+/BB
S Face is similar to Grade B, but allows more natural
defects and the odd well-made patch – Generally good
enough quality face for clear finishing or painting.
S+/BB has a better face with no plugs. The reverse is a
standard BB Grade.
Grade BB
The main commercial or utility grade – both faces are
Grade BB – which allows patches and other knots/
imperfections. Suitable for all general work including
CNC Machining or where face grade not overly
important – However good quality BB grade boards
may be acceptable for clear finishing and furniture!
Available in Long or Cross grain construction.
LOWER GRADES – (Cores are still solid)
Grade BB/CP and BB/WG
Grade BB face with WG or CP reverse. Standard
commercial grades which are essentially only sound
(Good) one side – Reverse side can have numerous
large knots, open splits/defects and discolouration.
Grade CP
Russian Grade – In between BB and WG used where
face appearance not important, i.e. packing crates,
furniture carcasses.
Grade C
Similar appearance and use as Grade WG – may be
un-sanded with open defects and discolouration.
Grade WG
Large knots / patches / open defects, staining and
discolouration permitted – used for packing crates
and carcass work or where unseen, such as
upholstered furniture.

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