Birch veneer characteristics and thickness standard

Birch veneer characteristics and thickness standard

Birch veneer is made of birch as raw material, and the veneer is produced by using the rotary cutting machine. After processing, the veneer not only has the excellent and specially made birch, but also improves the use performance of the veneer. The birch veneer is flexible and beautiful, which is well used in the production and processing, with smooth section, good practical application effect and relatively easy processing. However, due to the characteristics of birch, wear-resistant and The corrosion resistance is slightly worse.

Birch veneer

Birch veneer is frequently used in the furniture industry. Many veneers have certain thickness standards, let alone good quality birch veneer. Many manufacturers control the thickness between 1.62-1.65mm in order to reduce the production cost. In fact, this thickness is uneven and troublesome to use, so we specially It is suggested that it should be set at 1.8mm, and the effect is good.

The birch veneer with the thickness of 1.8mm will be fumigated by the manufacturer, which can not only prevent the borer, but also cause deformation. The quality is very good. All aspects of birch veneer are strictly tested. When making birch veneer, the improvement of the manufacturer’s production skills and the normal use of users’ good specifications are required to ensure its good use effect. You can purchase and use it at ease. For more information about the application of veneer, please call our contact number for consultation.

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