Block Board Composer Machinery

Machine for flexible, economic production of center core for blockboard and 3-layer panels

High efficiency by:

√ Variable panel dimensions by stepless width adjustment and automatic glue interruption

√ Increased flexibility, as strips of a wider range of dimensions can be processed

√ Infinitely variable pusher speed leading to reduced wooden rejects at sensitive thin workpieces

√ Reinforced hydraulics for connection resp. additional installation of a cross-cut saw

√ Fast opening/ closing of the heating zone, max. opening 200 mm, for easier cleaning

√ Automatic registration of the capacity data in the PLC for a proper production monitoring


√ travelling cross-cut saw

√ adjustable hogging and dividing saws

√ strip infeed left hand side

√ additional cooling zone for heating section

√ Noise reduction hood

  1. Block Board Composer AB-8 is specialized in producing various sizes of lumber/block core board thickness.
  2. AB-8 equips with wide face and bottom heater 17 pieces for each, and the steam or oil as media to supply heat for heaters to pressing and composing the strips.
  3. Automatic glue applicator applies the glue to the feeing strips and the feeder delivers them into composing section.
  4. The strips are fed by the auto feeder one after another till fixed width, the circular saw cuts it off automatically. Afterward the full width strip is pushed into the heater by the hydraulic and Air pressure device for composing.


  1. The upper heaters are able to lift individually and it can be adjusted for the clearance between upper and lower heaters. Meanwhile, according to the strips thickness, the gap can be adjusted to fit for the production.
  2. Each upper heater equipped with springs which always ensure the heater is always in the best contact / connection with the strips.
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