Blockboard Inspection and QC checklist

Blockboard Inspection and QC checklist

Inspect the Blockboard is very complicated job ,the apperance is easy to inspect and grade ,the core construction need check carefully .

1.Lumber core strips ,how many pieces of long strips

2.The width of the long lumber strips

3.THE thickness of the lumber strips


5.The apperance grade of the lumber strips

6.the edges are smooth and no hollow

7.Butt joint or finger joint lumber core

8.Top plies of poplar veneer quality ,how many plies ,3-ply ,or 5-ply

9.Wood species of the lumber strips : Poplar ,Pine ,Chinese Fir ,falcata ….

10.Face types are wood veneer or melamine paper ….

11.other manufacturing defects are same like plywood ,easy to grade


  1. Thickness and angle tolerances for face and core veneers and composed plywood sheets
  2. Appropriate choice if glue lines, such as MR E-1,   WBP ( Water Boil Proof ) and real Phenolic glue
  3. Controlled moisture content, good drying
  4. Core construction without overlaps and voids and glue joint of core veneer
  5. Appropriate choice of core veneers for core from A – B – C – D – E and F grade  
  6. Calibrating of core for smooth and flat face veneers
  7. Machine jointing of face veneers to avoid joint separation
  8. Careful, virtually invisible reworking of outer veneers, flawless and non-diagonal edges
  9. Controlled face grades for appropriate use
  10. No man made defects in face veneers or film or wire mesh surface

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