Brief Analysis on the Application of Film faced Bamboo Plywood in Building Formwork

Brief Analysis on the Application of Film faced Bamboo Plywood in Building Formwork

The technical performance index of bamboo plywood covered with plastic film is superior. It can replace wood plywood in a large number of building boards. It can save a lot of wood. The economic and ecological benefits are obvious.

Study on Quality Control of Film-coated Bamboo Plywood Formwork Production

This paper analyses the quality problems and causes of the laminated bamboo curtain plywood formwork which is replaced by bamboo in the production process, and puts forward solutions to the quality control problems in the production of the laminated bamboo curtain plywood formwork.

Main Quality Problems and Solutions of Film-covered Bamboo Curtain Bamboo Plywood Formwork

Bamboo plywood formwork is one of the new technology products which are mainly popularized in the construction industry. It has the advantages of large breadth, high strength, waterproof, wear resistance, smooth surface, easy demoulding, quick demoulding, flat surface of concrete, high reuse rate and low cost.

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Film-covered bamboo limb formwork has the characteristics of light material, easy processing and disassembly, and easy operation. It is widely used in the construction of cast-in-place box girder external and internal formwork. In this paper, combining with the construction practice of cast-in-place box girder, the characteristics, application scope, technological process and operation points of the film-covered bamboo limb formwork are discussed in detail for reference.

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