Brief introduction of molded door

Brief introduction of molded door

The density board is molded on both sides once, the door core is empty, the style is single and the grade is low. This kind of door is made of two pieces of extruded “high-density board”, the core material is honeycomb paper, keel, and the frame material is finger jointed loose miscellaneous wood. Because the utilization of solid wood material is greatly reduced, this door has great advantages in overall weight and environmental protection.

Compared with the solid wood door, the molded door is not easy to deform and crack. It is suitable to be used as a mixed accelerator with low price. In addition, the surface of the wood door with good quality has no color difference, cracking or blistering, the longitudinal splicing of the single board is 45 degrees, and the knocking of the wood door has no dull sound. The molded door is made of two density plates, so it generally contains a certain amount of formaldehyde At present, there are two prices in the molded door Market: the high price door adopts the imported molded door plate, and the low price door adopts the domestic door plate. The imported molded plate is far higher than the domestic molded plate in the strength of the door plate and the accuracy of the surface imitation oak texture, but it is not the key factor to determine the quality of a molded door. There is no need for a nail for a molded door. The glue used for bonding is the most important factor to determine the quality of a door. There are some limitations in the selection of height, width and style.

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