Buying guide of wooden door

Buying guide of wooden door

The door is the finishing touch of the whole decoration and the embodiment of the safety of the home. Nowadays, there are a variety of wooden doors in the market, which not only provide people with greater choices, but also bring people a lot of confusion. Let’s analyze the types of wooden doors so that parents have a better choice for their own home.

Simple from the material division, wooden doors can be divided into: solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors and molded doors.

Solid wood door: the door core is made of natural logs from the forest, which are processed scientifically through drying, blanking, planing and other processes. The finished door has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance and good sound absorption. At the same time, its natural wood grain texture and color are the best choice for families advocating the decoration style returning to nature. The price of solid wood door is different because of its different material and texture.

Solid wood composite door: the core of the solid wood composite door is mostly made of pine, fir or imported filling materials. The density board and solid wood veneer are pasted on the outside, which are made by high-temperature hot pressing and sealed with solid wood lines. It has the characteristics of light weight, not easy to deform and crack, good sound insulation effect, and the price is moderate As the solid wood composite doors have various shapes and styles, or exquisite European carvings, or Chinese classical assorted flowers, or fashionable and modern, the doors with different decoration styles give consumers a wide selection space, which is also called solid wood shape doors. The high-grade solid wood composite door not only has the characteristics of smooth handle and soft color, but also is very environmental friendly, solid and durable.

Molded door: it is made of two pieces of high-density fiber molded door skin with modeling and simulated wood grain by mechanical pressing. Because the price is more economical and convenient than the solid wood door, it is favored by middle-income families.

Shopping Tips

First of all, wooden doors are basically painted before leaving the factory, so it is difficult to see the quality of the internal structure from the surface. Consumers should try to buy famous and reliable manufacturers. Second, look at the surface technology. It depends on whether the paint film is full and the color is even. Good quality wooden doors, from the surface technology can also see the overall quality. Then check whether the flatness of the door panel is good, and whether there is paint leakage or flow drop at the concave corner between the line and the panel surface. Also can see each small part of the cross-section workmanship is fine. Finally, the price. The cost of the production mechanization of the interior door is different from that of the manual production. Whether the interior structure is made of real materials can be seen from the price. So if the price is much lower than the basic market price, don’t think about it.

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