Cabinetry Case Material

Cabinetry Case Material

The kind of plywood you find in home-centers and hardware stores is often used in home construction – not cabinets. Maple or Birch is usually favored for high quality cabinetry plywood.

Plywood is a manufactured wood comprising of thin wood sheets that are carefully adhered together. It is strong and resistant to chipping, cracking and water damage.

selects high quality furniture-grade Birch plywood for its case material. An added benefit is its low formaldehyde content and CARB Phase II California Air Resource Board )/ TSCA Title VI designation. It is sanded smooth and given a finishing clear coat to retain the wood’s natural honey-golden character.


Particleboard is an engineered wood manufactured from wood chips, shavings, and sawdust. When pressed together, it is bound by a synthetic resin through high-heat compression. Particleboard is free from knots and can be produced in any size, density, and quality. It is strong, durable and consistent in size, shape, and thickness.

While particleboard is an ideal material for cabinetry, it can potentially swell with moisture.only the finest multi-density, furniture-grade particleboard laminated with white or natural Maple melamine and/or vinyl for a water repellant surface. Most importantly, standard case material meets CARB Phase II (California Air Resource Board) / TSCA Title VI standards for low formaldehyde content, making it a healthier choice for both home and environment.

Eco-friendly Cabinet options


Particleboard case material can be manufactured, without compromising strength and durability, using
recycled material and no urea-formaldehyde added adhesive.



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