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Double Hung Window Head – The main horizontal member which forms the top of the window frame. Grids – Exterior and interior grid options are available with some windows to better simulate real divided lites. Hardware – Window locks and operating handles. Weather-stripping – Weather-stripping is essential to ensure efficient, weather tight seals for …

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STILE & RAIL DOORS DEFINED MULLION: narrow vertical sections between panels MUNTIN: slim vertical pieces used to separate panes of glass; grille bar PANEL: pieces that fit within the surrounding stile & rail frame that come in different profile designs – single-hip, double-hip and flat RAIL: horizontal pieces of the …

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Engineered timber has somehow acquired a bad reputation for itself. There’s a common misconception that products with an engineered core are inferior to solid equivalents, potentially down to the lower price as well as the implied quality difference between “solid” and “engineered”. While it’s true that a solid oak door …

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