Factory Audit

Factory Audit ,We have our own sourcing expert and inspection expert in Asia, mainland China, China Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam. They have very professional industry knowledge and skills, serious and responsible work attitude.

plywoodInspection.com profile and TEAM

plywoodInspection.com profile and TEAM I have been working in the wood based panels and wood furniture and some hardware building materiasl industries for 16 years (Since 2003) and know many factories. I am not a sourcing company that works on commission basis. My clients pay me up front. I am …

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Factory Visits

Factory Visits I can take you there. I arrange meeting times, transportation and accommodation. I choose the quickest routes to visit 3-4 factories in a day. When we arrive, you will work directly with the factories. I speak Chinese,English ,Vietnamese and will help with translation if needed.

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Factory quality audit checklist essentials

Factory quality audit checklist essentials Imagine you’ve found what seems like the ideal factory for your stainless-steel cookware business. A professional presentation and clear, reliable communication leave you with nothing but high hopes for this potential business partner. But as an experienced importer, you know better than to rush into …

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