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Film/Paper & HPL Sheets

Shandong,decorative paper prices surge struck!

Keywords : decorative art papers, decorative paper sheets, decorative craft paper, decorative paper rolls, printable decorative paper, decorative stationery paper, decorative paper plates and napkins Shandong,decorative paper prices surge struck Notice!Recently, Shandong, more natural gas companies announced price increases, then, due to raw material prices, the decorative paper company announced …

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decorative paper melamine impregnated paper 

Product decorative paper melamine impregnated paper Material paper,melemine resin Grammage 70g-85g Width 1250mm 1860mm 2170mm or as client’s requirements Length 2470MM or as client’s requirenments Design soild color, wood grain, flower design or  as client’s requirements Usage film for MDF, HDF, particle board, plywood laminated flloor MOQ 500kg for one color or …

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Introduction of Melamine Impregnated Paper

Introduction of Melamine Impregnated Paper,Melamine impregnated paper factory direct sales of products is a certain resin content and volatile content of the adhesive tape in sheet metal production has a very wide range of applications, its performance by its production process. Melamine impregnated paper production process followed by glue, with …

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Why melamine impregnated paper sticky phenomenon

Why melamine impregnated paper sticky phenomenon,Melamine impregnated paper is an essential raw material in the production of wood-based panels, occasionally appear in the production of sticky stick plate phenomenon, which melamine impregnated paper manufacturers direct marketing products have a great influence, in the end because of what is the reason …

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