Kitchen & Bath

Kitchen Cabinets & Bath Vanities ,Wardores ,pantries Inspection and quality control


CABINET CONSTRUCTION 1. Solid Hardwood Drawer Boxes 2. Dove-tailed Joints 3. I-beam Construction 4. Undermount Drawer Guides 5. Dadoed, Glued, and Nailed 6.  Six-Way Adjustable Hinge 7.  Solid Hardwood Face Frame 8.  Plywood Shelves 9. 1/2″ Carb Phase 2 Rated Plywood

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5 Pieces Kitchen Doors

5 Pieces Kitchen Doors  different models to choose from   colours matching our melamine collection and accessories Wood doors for a modern style Polyester or glass doors available A proven solution for your kitchen

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Kitchen Cabinet Construction and Design

Cabinet Construction and Design WHAT COUNTS IS WHAT’S INSIDE Selection of construction options, each certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) and the KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program. Whatever your choice,Cabinets feature: CABINET BOX BACK: 3/8″ Furniture Board TOP & BOTTOM: 3/8″ Furniture Board SIDES: 1/2″ Furniture Board INTERIOR: Natural …

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