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Laminating Grade panels 

Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Lamination Line  sourcing,inspection,quality control,manufacturing,buying guide

Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Lamination Line Bond your parts and panels on the most advanced PUR Lamination Line dedicated to composite panels .   Unlimited Materials Access any supplier worldwide and leverage expert knowledge and buying power on your next project. SURFACES HPL Acrylic HDPE PET Linoleum Veneers Plastics Felt Metals …

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PUR lamination panels plywood boards sourcing,inspection,quality control,manufacturing,buying guide

PUR lamination state-of-the-art PUR lines, so fast turnaround times are no problem. A hot-melt adhesive, PUR is the best laminating bond available, adhering to FRP, HDPE, aluminum, plywood, plastic and glass. super-clean facilities mean your finished product will have a high-quality, blemish-free finished surface. Lamination & manufacturing capabilities PUR (polyurethane …

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Wood Laminating inspections,testing,quality control and sourcing

  high quality laminated wood products.  controlled high temperature laminating presses to create custom solutions with the appearance and durability for both decorative and functional products. Laminates are a cost-effective alternative to more expensive materials and feature characteristics such as abrasion and scratch resistance, antimicrobial properties, resistance to weathering, and …

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Wood Panel Laminating Finishing inspections,testing,quality control and sourcing

Custom Slave Pallets Plywood, Particleboard, Hardboard, MDF, OSB and LVL.  Services Include: Wood Contract Manufacturing & Fabrication machining, finishing, and laminating, we manufacture custom slave pallets, crates & bins, furniture parts,cabinet components, and just about any other wood panel product. Wood Laminating  equipped to furnish you with high quality laminated …

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