Offer to Sell

Offer to Sell is a platform and exchange center for the buyers and sellers to visit ,they can post their products they want to sell and buy here ,the Products must be wooden products only ,better wooden panels such as plywood,veneer ,other sheet materials ,LUMBER ,Logs and wooden furniture products.If you want to sell,please send us emails at and We will try to list all your products ,emails,companies address,phone and websites .

China Three-layer spruce board

Three-layer spruce board Three-layer formwork spruce boards are produced from selected wood. They are consist of three layers of arranged and cross-glued wood. The outer surface of the board is grinded and hot secured by melamine resin. The smooth surfaces guarantee perfect concrete look after stripping. Thickness 21 27 21 …

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Plywood made in China

Plywood made in China ,Non-Slip Plywood, Commercial Plywood, Birch Plywood, Poplar Plywood,Pine Plywood and Decorative Plywood ,Ash Plywood, Beech Plywood, Cherry Plywood, MaplePlywood, Oak Plywood, Teak Plywood, Sapeli Plywood, Walnut Plywood,

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Softwood Plywood Made In China

Softwood Plywood Made In China Softwood Plywood is plywood which has a face and back veneer of softwood as opposed to a hardwood such as Birch, Maple, Oak, etc. Softwood plywood panels are comprised of a core made from either softwood then faced and backed with a veneer of soft …

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