Substrate Plywood

Substrate Plywood ,also called platform ,used for lamination or other applications .

Platform plywood

Platform plywood is ideal for furniture construction, painting, and laminating. Made from various types of tropical hardwood,Poplar,hardwood, platform grain patterns and overall construction are opposite that of regular plywood panels. This means that the face veneers, and the other odd numbered laminates, have the  grain patterned perpendicular to the length of the board while even …

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Platform Grade substrate Lumber Core  

Platform Grade substrate Lumber Core   Lumber core was once the king of substrate grade materials.  This product allowed for solid lumber from high quality structural production of a lesser appealing species like chinese fir ,indonesia falcata ,basswood or tulipwood (yellow poplar) . Normally used for melamine blockboard ,especially in china …

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Sandwich Combination Core (CFC Core ) Platform

Sandwich Combination Core (CFC Core ) Platform Combination Fiber Core (CFC)  weds the best attributes of MDF/Particle Board core and veneer core. The center cores are cross banded hardwood, providing strength, light weight and screw-holding capability. The outer cores are MDF,hardboard or particle board, giving a flat, uniform surface for …

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