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China Radiata Pine plywood samples quality confirmation

China Radiata Pine plywood samples quality confirmation,This is a common topic.,In the field of plywood production , plywood samples confirmation has been a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar.Just so many manufacturers ,The importance of  is so many suppliers ignored the the sample confirmation and quality confirmation, so when …

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Plywood Surface repair after Hot pressing and before sanding

Plywood Surface repair after Hot pressing and before sanding,this is not a fresh talking or experience ,just wanted to remind some the new manufacturers or new production managers ,take care of the plywood surface repairing job is a very important job for good finished plywood . After hot pressing ,the …

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Wood Panel plywood Factory Auditing Part 2 : China plywood factories’s  situation if can meet the Local Comprehensive environmental protection, safety supervision, fire and other aspects of the requirements of the rectification requirements

明显感觉今年的空气和河流里的水质比以往好多了,好像又恢复到了儿童时代的空气清晰,河里的水清澈的可以看到鱼在游泳。这一切的一切都是归功于国家对环境保护的要求。谢谢。Obviously feel this year’s air and the water in the rivers are much better than before, it seems to have returned to the children’s time ,clear air, the river can clearly see the fish in the water swimming. All this   due to the  environmental protection requirements. Thank you. Now …

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Wood Panel plywood Factory Auditing Part 1 : Check docs /Certificates can meet the buyers’s requirements

根据不同的客户对于认证或者进口单据的要求,在去工厂考察之前,让工厂填好客户需要的单据或者认证书编号成为现在客户考察工厂一个重要的前提条件,尤其是出口到欧洲的客户,供应链的建设和木材合法来源的证书及相关证据。 很久以前,根据惯例先是考察工厂是否有生产能力和生产标准去满足客户的质量要求和价格要求,现在情况有些改进,而且现在第三方的质检机构是越来越多,当然这些第三方机构的检测标准和能力也是参差不齐,各种潜规则也是层出不穷的,有的甚至根本没有实地考察过工厂就出具了各种需要实地验厂的证书。 According to the requirements of different customers for certification or import documents, before going to the factory to make investigaton and inspection, let the factory fill out the documents customer needed or certificate number to become an important prerequisite for the customer inspect factory, especially exports to Europe …

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