Causes of Cracking of LVL Furniture Board and Methods of Preventing Cracking

Causes of Cracking of LVL Furniture Board and Methods of Preventing Cracking

Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of board on the market. At present, the popular board is LVL furniture board, and the furniture board also has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness and good stability. But after using the board for a period of time, the phenomenon of dry cracking may occur. The following points are the causes of the cracking of Shandong LVL furniture board and the ways to prevent it from cracking:

Shandong LVL Furniture Board


1. Non-uniform glue on die paper and insufficient hot-pressing temperature can not make the die paper and the base material really merge, resulting in the phenomenon of product priming and cracking.

2. If the plate is too wet, it will cause foaming, anti-moisture and cracking in the use process.

3. In the process of use and storage, the storage environment is too humid, or the storage area is not flat, which is also very easy to cause product cracking.

Methods of preventing cracking:

1. Avoid long-term direct sunlight or excessive dryness in the room. Avoid facing the air-conditioning outlet or the side of the heating hood, which can easily cause the surface of the board to crack due to excessive dryness.

2. In order to prevent the discoloration and mildew of the epidermis of the seals which are easy to close, we should also pay attention to moistureproof, avoid excessive indoor humidity and prevent water immersion.

3. When cleaning, wipe gently with dry cloth or twisted cloth to avoid mildew after wiping with too wet cloth.

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