Causes of Edge Explosion of Melamine Wood-based Panels and Preventive Measures

Causes of Edge Explosion of Melamine Wood-based Panels and Preventive Measures

The cutting edge of melamine wood-based panels can be divided into two kinds: main saw blade (big saw blade) and groove saw (bottom saw edge). What are the main causes of melamine wood-based panel edge explosion? It can be divided into the following points:

1. The sound of the machine when it starts normally:

During the long-term operation, the machine will produce resonance, and the saw blade will vibrate or jitter in operation. If the vibration with the machine is too large, the contact area with the ground can be adjusted; if the saw blade jitter is too large, the contact surface between the drive shaft and the machine can be adjusted, so that the vibration can be transmitted. So when listening to the sound, if the machine opens the material normally, it will not hear the harsh sound of the material.

2. Service life of bearings:

Melamine wood-based panels

Nowadays, most of the bearings on domestic machines are sealed. Sometimes the bearings are damaged due to vibration or dust or wear of rubber clips outside the fixed bearings during the long-term operation of the machines.

3. Bending of axles in use:

The main saw and slot saw have been calibrated when they leave the factory, that is, the two ends are calibrated in a straight line. If there is a burst edge when they leave the factory and the adjustment is not enough, it proves that there may be a shaft problem. If there is a problem in the use process, the worker usually does not know the direction of the upper and lower blades when disassembling the saw blades, or does not take out the hexagonal wrench of the main saw in time when loading the saw blades, so it will lead to shaft deformation, of course, this possibility is not very much.

IV. The influence of wood-based panels themselves:

1. Thickness of wood-based panels: Normally when sawing melamine wood-based panels, the thickness of wood-based panels is about 25-50MM, the resistance of the saw blade is relatively large, it is necessary to adjust the saw blade lower, so as to reduce jitter.

2. Density of wood-based panels: When the density of wood-based panels is relatively high, try to reduce or increase rotational speed, thereby reducing the jitter of saw blades.

3. Flatness and bonding force of wood-based panels: The thickness of wood-based panels is different. The uneven bonding force results in that the groove saw on the pusher plane can not touch the wood-based panels or the groove saw tends to run askew when drawing lines at the bottom, which leads to the clamping of large saw blades.

4. Material for wood-based panels: more dust or impurities or more glue in wood-based panels will affect the sharpness of saw blades. For example, there are more glue in wood-based panels, and the saw blades need to be cleaned before they are opened to many square meters.

Melamine wood-based panels

5. Other reasons:

When the ruler is not adjusted properly, the worker has foreign matter on the ruler when adjusting the ruler, so that the man-made board explodes; the machine runway is damaged excessively, which leads to the edge exploding or the size clipping, or the clamping saw; the long-term failure of the machine guide rails leads to the lower slide wheel not affecting the edge exploding on a line; the alloy steel of the saw blade is too bad or too blunt, which leads to large area of the edge exploding; the saw blade is not sharp or too high. The result is sporadic white serrated lines; the worker does not handle the big material and small material properly, the big material should be raised at the same time to make the center of gravity of the wood-based panel fall on the pusher; the thick material and thin material are consistent with the use of large and small materials; the feeder does not join the material according to the correct method, the heavy material and thick material are slightly raised during the joining, reducing the resistance and shaking of the saw blade; the artificial board arch causes the painting. The wire saw does not touch the artificial board, and the jitter of the wire saw affects the sawing material when it rises too high; the wire saw is not sharp; the wire saw and the main saw are not on the same line; the angle between the wire saw and the main saw and the ground is inconsistent, which leads to excessive resistance and explosion edge and so on.

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