Causes of Sawtooth in MDF Engraving

Causes of Sawtooth in MDF Engraving

Density board can be widely used in various markets, especially after engraving machine, it can produce all kinds of beautiful and personalized decorative plates.

Carving is a combination of drilling and milling in principle. When carving a density plate, it may produce edge sawtooth phenomenon for various reasons, resulting in waste of sheet metal or cost of reprocessing. So, what are the reasons for the sawtooth in density plate engraving?

1. First of all, see if the position of the engraving machine has just been moved, resulting in the vibration of the machine during processing, resulting in the chatter of the engraving knife followed by the engraving surface is not smooth and serrated. When we move the position of the engraving machine, we must fix the four corners firmly.

2. If the sawtooth phenomenon is found on the non-smooth surface of the plate, the size of the cutting tool used should be checked first. If the handle is extended too long, the deformation of the cutting tool will increase at the time of processing. This situation will lead to the non-smooth surface with sawtooth. At this time, the verticality of the spindle needs to be readjusted.

3. The non-perpendicularity of the processing table and the principal axis of the engraving machine is also one of the reasons for the sawtooth.

4. Slow spindle speed is also the cause of carving sawtooth, which can be adjusted to speed up spindle rotation.

There are many reasons for sawtooth in density plate engraving. We need to find out the specific reasons based on field experience to find the most appropriate solution.

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