Causes of Thickness Deviation of Medium Density Board

Causes of Thickness Deviation of Medium Density Board

In recent days, we often receive feedback from customers: the actual thickness of the sheets purchased by customers is different from the thickness they require. Normally, the deviation of normal thickness of sheet metal is (+0.2mm). Of course, the quality of thickness deviation of finished products will also be caused by various reasons in the production process of sheet metal. So what are the main reasons for the thickness deviation of the density plate?

1. Uneven Pavement of Raw Materials

In the production process of density plate, the uniformity of raw material pavement is one of the important factors affecting the thickness deviation of finished products. If there is an uneven weight or uneven pavement in the slab, it will lead to thickness deviation of other layers of slab, and “wedge” and ultra-thick and ultra-thin slab will appear.

2. Deformation of Hot Press Plate

Thickness of Density Plate

At present, the thickness deviation of density plate produced by most factories in China is caused by the deformation of hot-pressed plate. There are two main reasons for hot pressing plate deformation: uneven heating during preheating and excessive temperature rise; missing slab, light slab and short slab occur in the production process.

3. Asymmetry of Slab Position in Hot Press Plate

When the position of slab is asymmetrical in the hot-pressing plate, the hot-pressing plate can not always maintain a horizontal state during the pressing process, which results in thickness deviation.

4. The position control of hydraulic system is inaccurate

In this simple description of the working principle of multi-layer press: multi-layer press generally uses multiple cylinders working at the same time, some press cylinders are directly connected with the same pressure pipe, their pressure is the same at any time, can not be changed and adjusted independently, so it can not overcome the thickness caused by uneven pavement, asymmetric slab position in the pressure plate and other reasons. Degree deviation.

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