Causes of Wood Surface Irregularity in the Use of Sliced Rotary Cutting Machine

Causes of Wood Surface Irregularity in the Use of Sliced Rotary Cutting Machine

Wood and wood-based panels machined by china clip-rotary cutting machine or by pressure will cause surface roughness roughness during wood processing due to the state of machine tools, geometric accuracy of cutting tools, pressure, temperature, wood species, moisture content and other factors. Following is an introduction to the reasons for the unevenness of the wood surface when the 2.6m clip rotary cutting machine is used.

Tool trace: often comb or strip, its shape, size and direction depend on the geometric shape of the blade and the characteristics of cutting motion. For example, there are arc-shaped marks on the surface of wood sawn with trapped saw blades.

Ripple: A regular undulation of similar shape and size, which is the result of the traces left by the cutting tool on the surface or the vibration of the machine tool-tool-workpiece process system. For example, there are surface ripples formed by tool path on the surface after milling.

Destructive roughness: bundles of wood fibers on the surface of wood are peeled or torn to form. When the cutting parameters are inappropriate, the roughness is more obvious, which often occurs on the surface of milled or rotary-cut wood.

Elastic recovery roughness: Because of the unevenness of wood, i.e. the difference of density and hardness of each part of the material, when cutting, the cutter extrudes on the wood, forming the difference of elastic intersection quantity. After relieving pressure, the surface roughness is formed due to the difference of elastic recovery quantity of Mucun. This is most evident on the surface of coniferous wood cut along the direction of the ring layer.

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