CFC substrate core platform inspection and qc checklist

CFC substrate core platform inspection and qc checklist

When inspect the CFC veneer substrate platform cores ,first knowingwhat is CFC core .

CFC Veneer: Combination fiber cores (CFCs) have thin MDF crossbands (the layer just below the face veneer) over hardwood and softwood veneer inner plies. The MDF provides an ultra-smooth surface to reduce telegraphing through the face, while the veneer inner plies maintain the strength and screw-holding power of a veneer core panel. This option is recommended for high-end veneers, as well as for transaction or writing surfaces because of the hardness of the MDF layers below the face veneer.

Now ,not just thin MDF used for the crossband ,but also used thin Particle Board ,HDF …


These thin MDF normally domestic and imported MDF such as 2.0mm and 2.5mm Thin MDF .

The veneer core platform are calibrated sanded ,normally oversize platform .

The thin MDF quality is very important ,make sure thin MDF can be suitable for the glue lamination .

A variant of the CFC core has come ture ,used lumber core finger joint and butt joint lumber core and laminated Thin MDF ,this products are widely used in the lamination industry in the USA .

When inspect these CFC products ,need very careful .


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