Characteristics of Chinese Eucalyptus plywood

Characteristics of Chinese Eucalyptus plywood

Eucalyptus veneer is a three-layer or multi-layer laminated material made of eucalyptus veneer or eucalyptus square planned into thin wood, then bonded with adhesives. Odd-layer veneer is usually used, and the fibre directions of adjacent veneers are perpendicular to each other. Plywood is mainly made of wood. Because of its rationality of structure and fine processing in production process, the defects of wood can be largely overcome and the physical and mechanical properties of wood can be greatly improved. Plywood production is an important method to make full use of wood and improve wood properties.

1. Classification of plywood

One kind of plywood is climate-resistant and boiling-water-resistant plywood, which has the advantages of durability, high temperature resistance and steam treatment.

The second kind of plywood is water-resistant plywood, which can be impregnated in cold water and hot water for a short time.

The three types of plywood are moisture-resistant plywood, which can be impregnated in cold water for a short time and is suitable for indoor use at room temperature. Used for furniture and general architectural purposes.

The four types of plywood are non-moisture-resistant plywood, which are used in normal indoor conditions. They are mainly used for gum and general plywood, such as linden, Manchurian ash, birch, elm, poplar and eucalyptus.

2. Eucalyptus veneer veneer

(1) Decorative veneer veneer plywood is made of natural wood veneer veneer pasted on the plywood. Decorative veneer is a thin piece of Eucalyptus wood made of high quality wood by planing or rotary cutting.

(2) The characteristics of eucalyptus veneer veneer veneer plywood: Eucalyptus veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer

Decorative veneer veneer plywood is one of the most commonly used materials for interior decoration. Because the decorative veneer on the surface of the product is made of high quality wood by planing or rotary cutting, it has better decorative performance than plywood. This product is natural, simple, natural and noble, and can create the best living environment with people and elegant affinity.

(3) Eucalyptus veneer veneer types:

Decorative veneer plywood can be divided into one-sided decorative veneer plywood and two-sided decorative veneer plywood according to decorative surface; according to water resistance, it can be divided into type I decorative veneer plywood, type II decorative veneer plywood and type III decorative veneer plywood; according to the texture of decorative veneer, it can be divided into radial decorative veneer plywood and chord decorative veneer plywood. Board. The common one-sided decorative veneer veneer plywood. The commonly used wood species for veneer decoration are birch, Manchurian ash, oak, Shuiqing Gang, elm, maple, walnut and eucalyptus.

(4) Classification of Eucalyptus veneer veneers:

The standard of decorative veneer plywood in our country stipulates that decorative veneer plywood can be divided into three grades: first-class, first-class and qualified products. This reminds manufacturers and consumers that other grading forms do not meet the standards of veneer veneer veneer in China, for example, some manufacturers’labeling level is “AAA”, which is an enterprise behavior.

3. Choice of Eucalyptus Decorative Veneer Veneer Plywood

In recent years, in the production of plywood, many varieties of patterns have been derived. One of the most important is to paste a thin layer of decorative veneer veneer on the surface of the original plywood, called decorative veneer plywood, which is referred to as decorative veneer or decorative veneer in the market for short.

It is noteworthy that common veneer panels are divided into natural veneer panels and artificial veneer panels. Natural wood veneer is thin veneer made of precious natural wood by planing or rotary cutting. Artificial veneer is a decorative veneer with beautiful patterns, which is made of veneer by rotary cutting of low-cost logs, pressed into wooden square by a certain process glue, and then planed and cut.

Usually natural wood veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer is often well-decorated, high-value tree species, such as cypress, oak, rosewood, Fraxinus mandshurica and so on. But it should be stated in the name of the commodity, such as “cypress veneer plywood”, or “Fraxinus mandshurica slice plywood” or “cherry wood veneer”. The basic characteristics of “decorative board” are reflected in the terms of “veneer”, “slice” and “decorative board”.

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